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Welcome to the BEML Blog

February 12, 2007

BEML Crew: we just had our 15th annual draft, so I thought it was high-time the mighty BEML got a bigger internet presence. Hence, the BEML Blog.

Lots of developments in the BEML to report, but for this inaugural post I have some sad news about former Craydawg Ugueth Urbina.  Uggie will have to turn in his two Craydawgs championship rings (’99, ’03) with the prison warden, since he’s been sentenced to 14 years for attempted murder of 5 workers on his farm. Damn.

Uggie last pitched with the 2005 Snowmen, after a trade that year from the Bandits.

Uggie in jail:Uggie in jail

Uggie in better times: