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BEML News & Notes

June 16, 2009

Sorry fellas, it’s been about three weeks since the BEMLBlog hit ya.

The Dawgs maintain a three-point lead (80-77) over the Bears in what is shaping up as another BEML battle royale. The Dawgs were hurt recently by an injury to closer Brad Lidge, and after two disastrous starts from free agent pickup Carl Pavano (13.97 ERA, 3 Ks), the Dawgs will turn to J.P. Howell to help cauterize the gaping ERA wound in the middle of the Dawgs’ chest that Carl caused. June free agent pickup Ben Zobrist (.333/3/6/3 in 33 ABs) has helped breathe life into the shortstop position in which do-nothing Rafael Furcal had been loitering.

The Bears continue to have an unprecedented season. They have managed to keep the same pitching staff all year, and no one has an ERA over 3.87.

Don’t look now, but it’s the Snowmen in third pace, 18 points back. Carlos Zambrano has made an immediate impact since his trade from the Ballbags, with a 0.61 ERA/0.82 WHIP over 14.7 innings.

The Dirty Dogs can almost smell the bronze from 4th place (18.5 points back). Somehow they managed to wrest Bobby Abreu and Dustin Pedroia from Flying Z recently for B.J. Upton and Howie Kendrick. Pedroia hasn’t liked the move so far, having hit just 2-for-25 (.080) for the DDs since the trade; Upton has 7 steals in just 30 ABs for the Z, but Kendrick did not make the Zs’ cut andwas sent to the minor camp. Z is in 8th, 37.5 points out.

They are 22 points behind and in 5th place, but the Franchise recently served notice they will seek to make a run this year. They’ve been hit hard by injuries to Jose Reyes and Josh Hamilton, so it will be a tall order.

You can’t cut The Pack Is Back much slack when they’re 25 points back (6th place). It’s been a freefall for TPIB, which has plummeted 13 points in the last three weeks. They’ve suffered possibly insurmountable injuries to sluggers Carlos Quentin, Aramis Ramirez, and Carlos Delgado. The exclamation point on TPIB’s suffering has been the 0-for-7 performance (with 5 Ks) of recent free-agent acquisition Aaron Rowand.

The 7th place Barracudas (46 points; 34 points back) have suffered some tragic performances. Slugger Chris Davis has hit .208 so far. Jimmy Rollins is at .217. David Wright is hitting .364 with 17 Steals, but just 4 HRs. More was expected from Cole Hamels (4.79 ERA) and Scott Kazmir (7.69 ERA). It is apparent Zack Greinke (1.72 ERA) and Dan Haren (2.20) cannot carry the load on their own.

The SeaWolves are having another lost season (9th place, 39 points back). It remains to be seen whether they open the window when the trade winds are blowing to unleash the likes of high-priced stars Ryan Howard (19 HRs, 51 RBI) and Brian McCann (.321) in return for stars of the future.

The Ballbags (10th place, 53 points back) continue to be an abomination, but they may have something in rising stars Jason Kubel (.311/9/27) and Josh Johnson (3.04/1.01 in 23 IP since a trade from the Snowmen).