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Dawgs Up Eight Over Bears

August 19, 2009

The Craydawgs have broken this shiz open over the past few days, opening up an eight-point lead over the Bears (86.5 to 78.5) going into today’s action. Having built up a solid lead in the power categories, the Dawgs traded power for speed; they landed Chone Figgins (15 steals) and Matt Kemp (17 steals) through trade, and picked up free agents Ben Zobrist (9 steals) and Everth Cabrera (3 steals) as well. The Dawgs have given the green light to all their players, and it has paid off: the Dawgs have picked up 4.5 points over the past few weeks and are now tied for the steals lead with the Bears.

142093_braves_padres_baseball Dawgs’ shortshop Everth Cabrera takes what he wants, boldly stealing third off Flying Z’s Chipper Jones.

Of course, no lead is safe for the Dawgs, who have choked up late leads in the last two seasons to Team Phil Chu (now The Franchise) and the Barracudas, respectively. In fact, about this time last year BEMLBlog reported a 10-point lead over the Barracudas.


2009 BEML All-Bargain Team

August 8, 2009

It’s about time, y’alls, to talk about the 2009 BEML All-Bargain Team. Players that cost less than $1 at the draft table and who have posted stats beyond their cost, to the great benefit of their owners.

Behind the plate, Brandon Inge ($0.75) has slowed of late but has posted a nice stat-line overall for the Dirty Dogs: .256/22 HR/61 RBI/2 SB. The Ballbags’ Mike Napoli has also looked good at six bits, with 16 HRs and a .290 average.

First base on All-Bargain crew is manned by the SeaWolves’ Joey Votto, who for a league-minimum salary ($0.25) has put up a .325/17/53/4 line.

New+York+Mets+v+Cincinnati+Reds+EwQ3z5Ejmoxl All-Bargain: Joey Votto

6a00d8341bf89d53ef00e54f34ec578833-500wi not All-Bargain: the Playboy Mansion grotto.

At Second, Aaron Hill has tried to carry the Barracudas on his own, all at league-minimum salary: .276/21/62/3. Hill will certainly give the Cudas an edge up the middle in 2010.

At the hot corner, Evan Longoria is playing out his $0.50 salary for the Dirty Dogs at a formidable clip: .275/23/81/3. He is in for a huge salary increase in 2010 unless the Dogs slap the Franchise tag on him.

Shortstop is patrolled by the Cudas’ Jason Bartlett ($0.50), who was recently acquired in a blockbuster trade with The Franchise. Bartlett has gone .327/8/46/16, mostly with the ‘Chise.

The Corner and Middle Infield slots are filled by two players who are having a renaissance in ’09: The Pack Is Back’s Michael Young ($0.50): .328/19/52/7; and the Craydawgs’ Paul Konerko ($0.50): .285/21/70.

myoung All-Bargain: Michael Young…

n_tucker_wmhung_060523.300w not All-Bargain: William Hung…

24965-004-63849e2c or Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

In the Outfield, the bargains are: The Franchise’s Justin Upton ($0.50), .301/13/48/13; the Ballbags’ Michael Bourn ($0.25), .286/2/18/31; the Snowmen’s Adam Jones ($0.50), .299/19/64/9; the Cudas’ Shin-Soo Choo ($0.25), .295/13/61/15; and the Dirty, Filthy Dogs’ Curtis Granderson ($0.50), who is in the last year of his contract and is on pace for a potential 30-30 season, .261/22/52/19.

o5CnHPiu All-Bargain: Michael Bourn…

bourne-4 not All-Bargain: Jason Bourne…

children_corn_isaac or, for that matter, Children of the Corn.

At DH, just face it, it’s got to be the Bears’ Ian Kinsler ($0.25), a near sure bet for 30-30 at .242/23/63/22.

On the mound, lots of bargains to go around: the Cudas’ Zack Greinke ($0.25), 10 Wins/162 Ks/2.36 ERA/1.14 WHIP, and Matt Cain ($0.75), 11 W/112 Ks/2.30/1.18 (all stats accumulated with The Franchise); The Pack Is Back’s Jonathan Broxton ($0.50, acquired from the Craydawgs), 7 W/24 Sv/75 Ks/2.90/0.97; the Dirty Dogs’ Edwin Jackson ($0.50), 8 W/117 Ks/2.62/1.12; the Ballbags’ Josh Johnson ($0.50, acquired from the Snowmen), 10 W/123 Ks/2.98/1.11; the Dawgs’ Heath Bell ($0.25), 4 W/27 Sv/51 Ks/1.83/1.04; the Snowmen’s Ryan Franklin ($0.25), 2 W/25 Sv/31 Ks/1.27/0.89; the Bears’ Wandy Rodriguez ($0.25), 10 Ws/128 Ks/2.63/1.21; and the SeaWolves’ Brian Wilson ($0.50), 3 W/27 Sv/51 Ks/3.14/1.19.

QwweYTWt All-Bargain: Edwin Jackson…

sq-11-20-mugshot-sbs not All-Bargain: Michael Jackson…

Action_Jackson-shirtless and definitely not Action Jackson.

Coming soon on the BEML Blog: the All-Bust Squad.

Barracudas, Gutted

August 6, 2009

The 2008 BEML Champions, flailing in 8th place of late, were utterly dismantled today as they look to rebuild for next year. The Barracudas sent eight players packing via trade to the desperate Franchise and Dirty Dogs squads that are trying to make up 14 and 12 points, respectively, over the course of the next two months.

Gone to The Franchise are Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Jenks, Kerry Wood, and Miguel Olivo for Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Jason Bartlett and salary-dump deadweights Willie Bloomquist, Nick Johnson, and Brian Schneider.

The Dirty Dogs picked up closer Fernando Rodney and Grady Sizemore in return for rookie pitching phenom Tommy Hanson and throw-in Chase Deadweight Headley.

gutted That’s all she wrote for the ’09 Cudas

Snowmen Suddenly On The Scene

August 1, 2009

While the Craydawgs (1st place, 78 points) and the Bears (2nd place, 0.5 points back) continue to duke it out for the lead, and though The Franchise and the Dirty Dogs have recently been going at it for third, it is the Snowmen who have risen, suddenly, to within a sniff of the lead (3rd place, 10 points back).

Cliff Lee was dominant for the Frost yesterday, pitching a complete game for the win. A-Rod and Carl Crawford each pitched in by going 3-for-5 on the day.


Snowmen fans are getting jazzed for their team’s chances.