Cudas Go “All In,” Pick Kents Clean

FARMINGDALE–The fourth place Barracudas are currently 10 points in back of the Snowmen (66-56), but an insatiable quest for a fourth BEML title had them calling on the George Kents for all the talent they could get their fins on. In a 14-player trade–which may just be the largest trade in BEML history, the Cudas today picked up pitchers Roy Halladay, C.C. Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, and hitters Albert Pujols, Ben Zobrist, Michael Bourn and Adam Dunn in return for Matt Cain, Tommy Hanson, Jonathan Sanchez, Billy Butler, Michael Cuddyer, Aaron Hill and Brett Gardner, together with two 2011 franchise slots, three additional 2011 protected slots, and two $3 moves. The move reunites the Cudas with Sabathia, the 2008 BEML MVP who was so abused by the Cudas en route to the ’08 title that he has never been quite the same pitcher.

A vulture named “Markoski” picks over the remains of the Kents’ 2010 season.

Over the past 16 days the third place Craydawgs (57.5 points, 8.5 points out) have worked deals with five different teams to bring in Nyjer Morgan, Alex Rios, Elvis Andrus, Carlos Santana, and pitchers Roy Oswalt, Brett Anderson, and King Felix. Similarly, the Dirty Dogs have dealt with three teams to bring in Jonathan Broxton, Chris Carpenter, Johan Santana, Robinson Cano, and Andre Ethier, among others.

The top two teams–the Snowmen and Seymour Gardens–have been remarkably silent thus far in the trade arena. The Snowmen picked up John Axford from the Dawgs, but may not need to do much (if anything) more to bring home the title this year.


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