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Fish Trim Gardens Lead to Five; Four Days Left

September 30, 2010

FARMINGDALE–Time is running out on the Barracudas‘ dreams of a fourth BEML title, but the ten-point lead Seymour Gardens has enjoyed in recent weeks has now been trimmed to five points, 73-68. While the Cudas’ offense has stalled in the late going due to injuries to Hanley Ramirez, Josh Hamilton, and Justin Upton, the Fish have gained six points this week with stellar pitching from Tim Lincecum (7 IP, 11 Ks, W) and Roy Halladay (CG, 2 H, 6 Ks, W). Unfortunately, the Cudas are now at 1493 IP, just seven innings under the maximum, so they are probably out of room for improvement. It also appears they will fall just short of the BEML team record for strikeouts in a season (1388), a record that they set last year (they are currently at 1367).

Cudas have trimmed the Gardens’ lead.


BEML Stretch Race Features Gardens, Fish

September 11, 2010

With three weeks to play, the Snowmen‘s Cinderella season has come to a surprisingly swift end, leaving Seymour Gardens atop the standings, trailed by the Barracudas, who have quickly risen to contend for their fourth title. At press time, the Gardens are up on the Fish, 73 to 68.5.

The Snowmen left all grace behind with their August collapse, accusing Gardens of cheating and indicting the rest of the league as having colluded with Big Poppa to bring ruin to the Snowmen. This from the team that in past seasons has made it an annual tradition to send top talent to the George Kents (f/k/a Ballbags) (see, for example, the 2007 mid-year trade sending John Smoltz (2.98 ERA), Jason Bay and Carlos Quentin to the Ballbags for Chuck James, Kenny Rogers, Aaron Rowand and Nick Markakis; the Snowmen ended up not protecting any of the players they received). BEMLBlog can understand the frustration of losing a lead in the lategoing, but the nature of the league is making the right trades in order to win. The Snowmen rested on their draft and did not make the needed trades to get it done this year.

The Gardens and Fish have simply blown away the competition in the second half of 2010, picking up 23.5 points and 15 points respectively since the mid-point. The ace up the Cudas’ sleeve appears to be the potential to pick up 3-4 points in the wins category over the next three weeks. Both of these teams are used to these high-intensity stretch runs (see, for example, the ’97, ’05, ’08 Cudas and the ’02, ’03, ’07 Gardens teams), so it should be heavy.

Brace yourself as Seymour Gardens and the Barracudas enter the Thunderdome. “Two men enter…one man leaves.”