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Trading Comes Easy to The 1 tweezy

June 24, 2011

HICKSVILLE–Having fallen to last place and with little hope of repeating, 2010 BEML champion The 1 tweezy announced a fire sale last week to get a jump on 2012. Tha tweez first sent stud starter Tim Lincecum, shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, and OF Mike Morse to the Craydawgs for phenom starters Michael Pineda and Stephen Strasburg along with closer Ryan Madson.

The Freak has returned home to the Dawg Pound.

Not sated, tweezy then sent Josh Beckett, Curtis Granderson and Shane Victorino to the Dawgs for hurlers Scott Baker and Max Scherzer and speedster Jacoby Ellsbury.

Finally, hungry to rebuild The House that Poppa Built, tweezy then turned to the first place George Kents, trading middle infielders Ian Kinsler and Ben Zobrist along with slugging OF Carlos Quentin to the Kents for Brett Gardner, catcher Jonathan Lucroy, and 2B Brandon Phillips. Whew. BEMLBlog says here it is unlikely the tweez is done feeding at the tradin’ trough…

Talkin’ bout the 1 tweez…

…not Hercules…

…or a sneeze. Maybe you should have those ears checked, brother.

Meanwhile, a snapshot of the standings as BEMLBlog goes to press:

Rank Team Batting Pitching Total Dif Behind
1 George Kents 21 33.5 54.5 1.5 0
2 Barracudas 19 32 51 -1 3.5
3 Craydawgs 27 22 49 -1 5.5
4 Project Mayhem 31.5 15 46.5 -1 8
5 Snowmen 10 35 45 1.5 9.5
6 Bears 32 8.5 40.5 -0.5 14
7 Dirty Dogs 21 18.5 39.5 -1.5 15
8 The 1 tweezy 18.5 15.5 34 2 20.5

Week 10 Update: Dawgs Come Home

June 13, 2011

HIGHLAND PARK–Those pesky Craydawgs, much like the resourceful mutt that finds its way back home from afar after drifting for weeks, reached first place in the BEML this week. The Dawgees were led by Jacoby Ellsbury (14-for-30, HR, 4 BI, 2 SB), the same speedy outfielder that dashed Dawg hopes in 2010 by struggling through a series of debilitating rib injuries. Jordan Zimmermann (filling in for the inconsistent Max Scherzer) made a strong bid to remain in the rotation for good by putting up 13 Ks in 14 IP with just 1 earned run (0.64 ERA). Jersey’s favorite pooches racked up a BEML-leading eight steals and eight saves, picking up seven points overall…

Rank Team Total Dif Behind
1 Craydawgs 57.0 7 0
2 George Kents 55.0 5.5 2
3 Barracudas 50.5 -4 6.5
4 Project Mayhem 49.0 1.5 8
5 Snowmen 41.0 1.5 16
5 Bears 41.0 -1 16
7 Dirty Dogs 38.5 -6.5 18.5
8 The 1 tweezy 28.0 -4 29

Los Perros are perdido no more… they have found a home in first.

The George Kents picked up 5.5 points to move into second, ahead of the suddenly struggling Barracudas. The Westbury boys led the league in BA (.310), ERA (2.66), Ks (72), Wins (8) and WHIP (0.93), but continue to be held back by an anemic power game (league-worst 6 HRs). This was Tommy Hanson’s week–2 wins, 13 IP, 20 Ks, 0.69 ERA…

The Barracudas‘ vaunted pitching staff (“Perhaps the best ever assembled,” according to Cuda brass) has hurt them recently and contributed to a four-point drop in the standings. Trevor Cahill was crushed this week (6 ER in 2.7 IP), and Clayton Kershaw did not fare much better (6 IP, 6 ER)…Adam Lind is back from injury and is mashing (.333/2/7 this week)…

Project Mayhem is holding steady, just eight off the pace, led by the dominating Matt Kemp (.331/20/56/14) and Jose Bautista (.338/21/42/5)…Jair Jurrjens (2.53 ERA) and Johnny Cueto (1.63 ERA) have pitched very well since coming over from the Dirty Dogs…

The Snowmen snagged shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera off the free agent wire; he should help in all categories and is a nice upgrade from the disappointing Chone Figgins (.187) in the middle of the infield… The Bears‘ Jorge Posada went wild in Week 10 (11-for-18, .611) to raise his average to .226… The Dirty Dogs blasted 21 HRs this week to pick up 1.5 points in that category but otherwise plummeted 6.5 points in the standings; Prince Fielder went nutzo (.500/6/13) just like his portly friend Big Papi (.320/4/13), but A.J. Burnett (11.12 ERA), Jeremy Hellickson (7.94 ERA) and CC Sabathia (8.10 ERA) were all trounced on the mound…

O tweezy, it’s bad… the tweez dropped four points after posting a 5.63 ERA; Tim Lincecum coughed up 11 ER in 9 IP (11.00 ERA)…