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Fish Blow It Open

September 24, 2011

FARMINGDALE–The Barracudas came several steps closer to their fourth BEML title yesterday, picking up points in Steals (+1), Runs (+1) and Saves (+1/2), and shoring up their position in Wins (two ahead of the Kents) and Home Runs (just one back of Mayhem). Michael Bourn starred for Los Pescados Viciosos, swiping two bags (58), and Neftali Feliz picked up a critical save (30) to tie up the Kents in that category.

It’s a very special Bobblehead Night tonight at the Fish Tank.

Meanwhile, the Craydawgs lost a point in Steals to the Cudas (194 to 193) and blew an opportunity to pick up ground on the Bears in Wins. David Price (6 IP, 2 ER, 7 Ks) and Jared Weaver (8.1 IP, 2 ER, 8 Ks) pitched well but each took a loss.

After the watershed day for the Cudas, they now lead the Dawgs by 4.5 points, 65.5 to 61, with just five days remaining in BEML XIX.



Barracudas Give Craydawgs Bulletin Board Material

September 23, 2011

FARMINGDALE–With six days remaining in the season, and nursing a one point lead, the Barracudas have already started tossing ’em back:

¬† Barracudas brass (second from left) called a premature toast to a 4th BEML Championship recently in a frolic with ghosts of BEML-past (from left to right) Legion of Doom (’94 champs), Love the Drake (’96 champs), a random Barracudas fan, and the New York Nine.

The Cudas were at pains to explain that the Upstate New York beer romp was merely a “desperate” attempt to gain advantage in the season’s waning days by “picking the brains” of of some former BEML owners.

BEMLBlog has now learned that the above photo adorns the locker room at the Dawg Pound as bulletin board material. “We definitely feel disrespected,” said Craydawgs slugger Ryan Braun, a member of the 2008 Dawgs squad that lost the title on the final day of the season to the Fish. “I was heartbroken in ’08. We’ve been scuffling of late, but hopefully this *?!% is what we need to get us fired up over the last few days.

“Never again,” said a red-faced Braun, who appeared to be choking back tears.

Mayhem Playing Spoilers For Chokedawgs?

September 22, 2011

NEW YORK–Project Mayhem lent an assist to the Barracudas yesterday, hitting .400 (16-for-40) to surpass the Craydawgs Chokedawgs in Batting Average, .2762 to .2757. The Dawgs have hit just .230 over the past two days and are slumping at the worst time. Victorino? 0-for-4 (0-for-11 now in the past two days). Ryan Braun? 0-for-4. Joey Votto? 0-for-3.

The Dawgs are limping heading into the final week of BEML play.

Meanwhile, the Cudas leaned on Dan Haren (8 IP, ER) for a win to pick up a half-point over the Kents, and added saves from Neftali Feliz (29) and Mariano Rivera (44) to pick up a half point on the Bears in that category. Rivera has already racked up nine saves in September.

Between the poor hitting of the Dawgs, the timely hitting of Project Mayhem, and a surge in saves for the Cudas, the worm has turned and the Cudas now lead the Dawgs 63-62 with one week to go.

Cudas Keep Pace With Dawgs

September 21, 2011

FARMINGDALE–After the Grizz racked up four saves yesterday to tie up the Fish in that category (- 1/2 point for the Fish), the Cudas’ Clayton Kershaw outdueled the Dawgs’ Tim Lincecum last night at the Fish Tank to help Los Pescados tie up the George Kents in the Wins column (+ 1/2 point for the Fish).

The Cudas’ young infield tandem of Eric Hosmer (5-for-5, HR, 3 BI) and Mark Trumbo (2-for-5, HR, 4 BI) lit up the scoreboard as the Fish hit 25-for-52 (.424) on the day with three homers and 16 RBI.

The Craydawgs hit a paltry 13-for-59 (.220) and put themselves in jeopardy of losing a point in Batting Average to Project Mayhem (.2758 to .2755). Shane Victorino’s 0-for-7 in crunchtime did not help the Dawgs in their quest for Title No. 8.

The Craydawgs are bemoaning Victorino…

…not Beefarino(TM).

Heading into today’s action, the Dawgs maintain the slightest of leads over the Fish, 63-to-62.

Snowmen Seek To Break BEML ERA, WHIP Records

September 20, 2011

CENTRAL ISLIP–With nine days of play to go, the Snowmen appear likely to break the BEML records for ERA (3.02) and WHIP (1.15), both of which were set by the 2005 Barracudas squad. The Frost’s ERA stands at 2.993, and team WHIP is at a record-shattering 1.1065.

The Icy Ones are led by probable Maddux Award winner Justin Verlander (24 Wins, 2.28 ERA, 0.91 WHIP, 244 Ks), with able assistance from Cliff Lee (16 Wins, 2.38 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 223 Ks), Cole Hamels (14 Wins, 2.80 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, 186 Ks) and rookie closer Craig Kimbrel (27 Saves, 0.66 ERA, 0.71 WHIP, 73 Ks in 40.7 IP).

The Frost is also set to sweep the pitching categories for the first time in BEML history.

Advantage: Snowmen. Visiting hitters find it nearly impossible to see the ball at the Freeze’s snow-covered Icebox Field(TM).

Meanwhile, Craydawgs rookie Cory Luebke allowed only one hit over seven innings last night, striking out nine on the road at the Fish Tank. The performance enabled the Dawgs to consolidate their position in the ERA and WHIP categories. Jason Bourgeois swiped two bags to help the Crays take a four steal lead over the Fish.

Los Pescados hit a humble 3-for-20 (.150) on the day, and ace Roy Halladay (8 IP, 4 ER) was stymied in his attempt to gain ground in the contentious Wins column. The Fish lost a half-point on the day by falling behind the Dirty Dogs in Runs (1075 to 1067). The Craydawgs lead the Fish, 63-62. Tonight, the two teams’ aces¬† square off at the Tank, as the Dawgs’ Tim Lincecum (13 Wins, 2.59/1.18, 212 Ks) takes on the Cudas’ Clayton Kershaw (19 Wins, 2.31/0.98, 236 Ks).

Dawgs Up By Half Point With 10 Days To Go

September 19, 2011

HIGHLAND PARK–The Craydawgs picked up 2.5 points yesterday to take back the BEML lead over the Barracudas. Zack Greinke (3.14/1.16 for the Dawgs) hurled seven innings of one run ball, and Jered Weaver (3.92/1.24 for the Dawgs) went six innings with two earned runs to help the Dawgs move up two points in ERA (3.45) over the Kents (3.47) and Dirty Dogs (3.50). Meanwhile, Melky Cabrera and Jason Bourgeois each swiped bags to break a tie with the Fish in the coveted steals category.

Greinke gets some for the Dawgs.

The Cudas added two saves from Neftali Feliz (28) and Chris Perez (34) to solidify their hold in that category (106) over the Bears (104) and Dawgs (102).

Heading into the final 10 days of the season, nearly every category is in play: the Dawgs can pick up a point over the Fish in BA (.2776 to .2761); the Cudas can add a point in Home Runs (five behind Mayhem); Los Pescados can grab a half point in Runs (tied with the Dirty Ones) and swap places with the Dawgs in Steals (189 to 191); the Dawgees can drop two points in ERA, two points in WHIP, and a point in Strikeouts (1286 to 1278 for the Kents); the Cudas might add points in Strikeouts (1243 to 1254 for Mayhem), Wins (93 to the Kents’ 94), and possibly Saves (106 to the Kents’ 110); and finally, the Dawgs could conceivably pick up two points in Saves. Every at bat and every pitch can make a difference at this point.

Tonight, the Cudas’ ace and potential Maddux Award winner Roy Halladay (18 Wins, 2.34/1.04, 211 Ks) faces up against Craydawgs rookie Cory Luebke (3.82/1.22, 75 Ks in 70.7 IP).

Fish Bite Dawgs, Take Back Lead

September 6, 2011

FARMINGDALE–Despite a banner offensive day from the Craydawgs (5 HRs, 17 RBI), it was the Barracudas that picked up points yesterday with a win from Dan Haren (14) and a save from Mariano (38). The Vicious Fish are up heading into today’s action, 61.5 to 60.

All this on Dan Haren Bobblehead Night at the Fish Tank:

Dawgs Up By a Nose With One Month To Go

September 5, 2011

HIGHLAND PARK–One day after aces Tim Lincecum (5 IP, 5 ER) and Jered Weaver (6 IP, 6 ER) were hammered and missed a valuable opportunity to pick up ground in the ERA and WHIP categories, the Craydawgs dug deep and bounced back with a masterful performance from Shawn Marcum (8 IP, 2 H&BB, 0 ER, W) and three steals (A-Ram, Werth and Ichiro) to nose into the overall lead over the Fish, 61.5 to 61.0.

Dawgs lead the Fish by a nose.

The Dawgs will have to keep it up to maintain pace with the Cudas, who dominated in Week 22 and have gotten hot at the right moment. The Cudas picked up 5.5 points last week and led the BEML in RBI (59), ERA (1.79), Saves (9) and WHIP (1.01).


September 3, 2011

FARMINGDALE–The resurgent Barracudas opened a 3.5 point lead over the Craydawgs yesterday, 62.5 to 59. Elvis Andrus starred for the Fish, going 2-for-2 with a homer, a steal, and two RBI. The Dawgs have been unable to keep up with the Fish in the Steals category, swiping just two this week to the Cudas’ seven (four yesterday), accounting for a four-point turnaround in Week 22.

The Dawgs coaches are giving the green light… but the team is not listening.

Then There Were Two…

September 2, 2011

FARMINGDALE–Just days after the Craydawgs took a 12-point lead, the Barracudas have inched ahead of the Dawgs by a 1/2 point, 61 to 60.5. Rookie free agent pickup Eric Hosmer delivered for the Fish yesterday, going 3-f0r-3 with a homer and a steal.

For pete’s sake, don’t overlook the Barracudas.

Heading into Friday’s BEML action, the Cudas hold a slim lead over the Pooches in Batting Average (.2763 to .2756) and Strikeouts (1127 to 1125), while the Dawgs enjoy a tenuous hold over the Fish in Saves (94 to 93) and Steals (168 to 166).

The Snowmen and George Kents have fallen nine and 11 points behind, respectively, and may soon have to look to 2012 for solace.