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Cray-zy, Dirty Dog(Dawg)fight

August 20, 2012

MASSAPEQUA — With six weeks to go, the Dirty Dogs are locked in mortal combat with the Craydawgs atop the BEML standings:

BEMLBlog condones neither dogfighting nor dawgfighting.

The Dirty Massapequa Dogs led the League in ERA (2.42), WHIP (0.97), Wins (8) and Strikeouts (76). This success on the mound this week was coupled with a serious bolstering of the Dogs’ lineup via trade with Arsenal, which brought in Josh Hamilton, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Phillips, James Shields and Jon Lester. The Filthy Ones used excellent trade chips in cheap but dominant closers Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen and are poised to make a strong run at their first BEML title this year, especially when they get CC Sabathia and David Ortiz back from injury.

The Craydawgs are the mirror image of the Massapequa Mutts, matching superior hitting against the Dogs’ pitching prowess. The Dawgs led the league this week in HRs (19) and RBI (55). In hopes of picking up points in pitching, the Dawgs acquired A.J. Burnett from Arsenal and Roy Halladay from the Barracudas.

The third-place Kents dropped three points in Week 20 and leaned on the Arsenal for reinforcements, picking up Hanley Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Jason Heyward and others for the stretch run.

The Maroners still have an outside shot at the ERA (3.02) and WHIP records (1.11) for a season but have virtually guaranteed themselves the best record for an expansion team… The Snowmen stood pat during the trading frenzy despite being just nine points off the pace… Arsenal claimed to be a buyer heading toward the trade deadline but turned and became the league’s biggest seller, distributing 13 players to the three leaders (two to the Dawgs, four to the Dogs, six to the Kents) and accumulating several protected slots toward making a run in 2013… the potentially “first-to-worst” Cudas held their nose but took “flash-in-the-pan” third baseman Edwin Encarnacion (putting up MVP-like numbers for the league-minimum salary) and a 2013 franchise slot from the Craydawgs for Halladay…