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Scherzer Dominates with 10 Ks; Dawgs Up 4.5 Points With Four Days Left

September 26, 2013

HIGHLAND PARK–Led by Maddux Award candidate Max Scherzer’s 10 Ks last night (21 Ws, 2.90 ERA, 0.97 WHIP, 240 Ks), the Craydawgs totaled 22 strikeouts in 17 innings yesterday to take back the lead from the Fish in that category (1445-1439, + 2 points) and help bolster the Dawgs’ overall lead over the second-place Cudas at 4.5 points. Evan Longoria (.266/31/82/1) gave the Dawgs the edge over the Villagers in HRs with two fencemothers (+1/2 point). The Dawgs of Cray also saved three games–Cishek, Benoit, Romo–to pull even with the Kents there (+1/2 point).

Of course, the door still remains plenty open for the Cudas if things break their way, given that the Fish have a little under 30 IP left and the Dawgs have fewer than 20 IP left and are also struggling to maintain their standing in HR, Saves, Average and ERA. In addition, with a power surge in the last few days the Fish can gain two points in HR over the Snowmen and CMLY.

Rocky-Balboa-Beat-up Mickey’s guys (Jason Castro, Derek Jeter, Manny Machado, Josh Johnson) have been beaten up of late. 

Did you know?: on this date in 2008, the Cudas and Dawgs were tied for the lead (; as bemoaned on this site ad infinitum, the Cudas went on to win BEML XVI three days later.


Fish Go Off, Lock Down K Race, Trail by 1.5 Points

September 25, 2013

FARMINGDALE–It was a banner day for the Barracudas yesterday as they went 22-for-51 (.431) to put some distance between themselves and the Craydawgs and Kents in the BA category. Matt Kemp and Paul Goldschmidt homered for the Fish. More importantly, the Fish had 26 Ks in 21 IP (nine by Yu Darvish in 5.3 IP) to put some breathing room between themselves and the Dawgs in the Ks category, 1439-1423. In the process, the Fish set the all-time BEML record in strikeouts with 1,439 (the previous record of 1,437 was set by Snowmen in 2011). Both contenders have around 30 innings left in the tank with five days left, so the difference is probably a little much for the Dawgs to make up at this point.

BEML Ks award“If I don’t get the title,” said the Cudas’ owner, “the BEML record for strikeouts is the next best thing. Thank you.”

The Dawgs maintain a 1.5 point lead, 66.5 to 65. They were tied in HR last night by the Villagers, losing half a point, and are fighting to maintain their batting average over the Kents (.2774 to .2772), and hold off the Cudas in Wins (102 to 99) and the Snowmen and Dirty Dogs in ERA (3.44 to 3.51 and 3.53).

Finally, the Cudas are just two homers behind CMLY, and four behind the Snowmen.

Cudas Hoping for Spark from CC, Dawgs Sic Scherzer on Fish

September 20, 2013

FARMINGDALE — The BEML XXI plot thickens with just 10 days remaining. The strikeouts battle rages on tonight as the Barracudas have tapped their old warhorse CC Sabathia to try to rekindle some of the ’08 magic. (In CC’s MVP and Maddux Award-winning year, he pitched the Fish past the Dawgs on the season’s final day.) Meanwhile, the Craydawgs maintain a slim lead, 66-64, and will send ace Max Scherzer and David Price to the hill in hopes of some tasty strikeout action.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Detroit Tigers Scherzer checks the BEML standings during yesterday’s game.

In yesterday’s games, the Fish struck out 20 over 20.7 innings to pull within three Ks of the lead, 1390-1387. Doug Fister had 10 Ks and clearly understood the import of racking them up. The Dawgs hit .316 on the day and are now in a statistical dead heat for batting average with the Fish (.2780) though the Cudas currently hold the edge for what is essentially a two-point swing between the teams. The Dawgs could not keep pace with the Villagers in home runs, however, as the Spoilers Villagers got improbable homers from speedsters Coco Crisp and Elvis Andrus to take the lead over the Dawgs, 254-253. Similarly, George Kents collected two saves to edge the Dawgs there, 107-106. 

To sum up, every hit, strikeout, save and steal has taken on importance in BEML XXI’s last few days.

Did you know? The Cudas recently hit their 6,000th franchise home run… Arsenal just stole their 3,000th base… with three more steals, the Dirty Dogs will hit 1,000… the Kents went over 1,000 franchise wins earlier this season… the Craydawgs and Barracudas are likely to finish as the top two teams for the fifth time in BEML history this season (’95–Dawgs, ’00–Dawgs, ’08–Cudas, ’11–Cudas, ’13–?)… there has not been a season in the 21-year history of the BEML when either the Dawgs or Fish did not finish in the top three, and only three seasons when one of them did not finish in the top two (’93–Griffons/Firemen; ’01–Team Phil Chu/Love the Drake; ’07–Team Phil Chu/Ballbags).

Cudas’ Lee Ks 14

September 17, 2013

FARMINGDALE–Barracudas management instructed ace Cliff Lee to “go for the K” last night in a desperate bid to win the BEML Strikeouts category. Lee did not disappoint, racking up 14 Ks over eight innings. Craydawgs starter “Big Game” James Shields almost matched Lee, dialing up 10 Ks over six innings. The Dawgs lead the Fish in the crucial category by 10 (1375-1365) with just 13 days left in the season.

markoski coach signals The Cudas give the signal: “Go for the K.”

Snowmen cranked three homers to stay four ahead of the Fish in that category, and George Kents went 12-for-36 (.333) to stay ahead of the Dawgs in batting average, .2781 to .2780.  


Shields Bounces Back for Dawgs

September 12, 2013

HIGHLAND PARK–James Shields pitched eight solid innings with seven Ks to help tip the Craydawgs into the BEML lead yesterday, 66-63 over the Fish. Shields had been destroyed in his last outing (10 runs in 3 IP); his bounceback helped the Dawgs edge past the Snowmen in the ERA category. Meanwhile, Grove St. Villagers had tremendous starts from Anibal Sanchez (7.3 IP, 1 ER, 10 Ks) and Patrick Corbin (6.3 IP, 1 ER) to slide past the Barracudas in ERA. The Dawgs also collected multi-hit games from five batters to move past George Kents in BA. All told, despite a spectacular outing by the Cudas’ Cliff Lee (8 IP, 9 Ks, 1 ER) it was a three-point swing in favor of the Dawgs yesterday.

The Cudas’ medical staff confirmed that slugger Edwin Encarnacion (.276/36/104/7) will likely be shut down for the remainder of the year. Brett Lawrie is a bit of a drop off for the Fish at the hot corner but may help swipe a bag or two in the important steals category. 

encarnacion is a cuda Encarnacion (in Barracudas road grays, natch) will likely be unavailable for the remainder of the BEML stretch run.

Fish, Dawgs in Cage Match for BEML XXI Title

September 11, 2013

HIGHLAND PARK–With just 18 days to go, the Barracudas and the Craydawgs are deadlocked in a 64-64 tie for the coveted BEML XXI Title. Nearly all of the league categories are in play, with wiggle room in BA, HR, Steals, ERA, Saves, Wins and WHIP. The teams are in direct contention in the Runs (Craydawgs lead 1006-999) and Strikeouts (Craydawgs lead 1318-1312) categories. Last night the Dawgs picked up 11 Ks (nine from David Price) to take the lead there, while the Fish hurdled over the Snowmen in the Steals category as they gave Jose Altuve (.282/4/49/35) the green light for three swipes. 

The Barracudas have won their last two titles (2008, 2011) in photo-finish matchups against the Craydawgs.

barracudas craydawgs CageMatch BEML is no holds barred.

The defending champions Snowmen appear to have third place locked up for the fourth time in the last five seasons.

The league strikeouts record (1,437 by the Snowmen in 2011) appears to be in jeopardy as the Dawgs and the Cudas will both likely surpass it. Meanwhile, the Cudas’ 2005 ERA record (3.02) should be safe for another year though the Grove St. Villagers (3.25) threatened it for much of the season.